Take Action to Stop Judicial Gerrymandering

In a very close vote, a constitutional amendment to change how we conduct judicial elections, HB 38, passed the judiciary committee and could move to the full House for a vote at any time.

This legislation is an attack on the independence of our state’s highest courts. It is a threat to our democracy, as it would allow legislators to create districts for judicial elections to give one or another party an advantage.

The proposed change to our PA Constitution would limit the power every voter in the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania’s voters, who now choose all 31 appellate justices and judges who would have the ultimate final say on cases that affect lives and communities, would now choose only 3 of them.

This amendment passed the Senate and the House last year and must be passed in a second consecutive session before it goes to the voters. It must be stopped here.

Though the bill passed the House judiciary committee, the narrow vote margin shows us how much our emails, calls, and tweets matter. We need your help to increase the volume and ensure every legislator hears that their constituents want them to vote NO on this attempt to gerrymander our judicial elections.

Click here for talking points on HB38 and Judicial Gerrymandering

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