Take Action to Fund Our Elections

Pennsylvanians’ fundamental right to democracy hinges on the ability of the state’s 67 counties to efficiently and effectively run our elections. Counties currently carry the entire cost of elections outside of sporadic funding from the federal and state governments.

In order to modernize and maintain the necessary equipment, personnel, and space to deliver free, fair, and open elections, counties need a guarantee of reliable state funding.

We are launching an effort to include funding for county election budgets in the Pennsylvania state budget to help counties operate polling locations. The proposal is to add $9,159,000 for each primary and general election, an annual total of $18,318,000. County officials and election offices could then determine how best to support the administration of their elections, whether that would be simply meeting increased demands or making investments in newer equipment.

For legislators to be able to truthfully say they care about the security and integrity of our democracy, they must support the funding of our elections. We can afford it. $18.3 million works out to be $2.10 per registered PA voter and only $1.40 per Pennsylvanian. Elections matter—every person who lives in PA has a stake in their integrity and success.

Use the tool below to contact your state legislators! Tell them you support reliable state funding for elections so that officials have the support they need and every voter is able to have their voice heard in elections that determine the future of our state and our country.