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  1. Voting Rights and Access: The General Assembly is planning to vote on PA House Bill 1800 — a bill that would reduce voter access. HB 1800 is a new proposal that would make it harder for voters to vote in a secure, convenient, and accessible manner and that would place barriers and additional burdens on parents, seniors, students, and election workers. TAKE ACTION to protect our voting rights. Tell your legislators to vote against HB 1800.
  1. Legislative Gerrymandering: House Bill 2207 is a constitutional amendment that creates a fake “independent redistricting commission” that will be under the control of the majority party in the PA House and Senate and whose decisions will require approval by that party in each house. Given that Republicans currently control both the House and the Senate, the likely result is that they will hold power in perpetuity no matter what the voters decide. TAKE ACTION to ensure that voters choose legislators, legislators don’t choose voters. Tell your legislators to oppose HB 2207.

Pennsylvania’s Republicans are taking one step after another to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution in ways that will ensure they’ll never be forced from power, no matter what the voters decide.


Help save our democracy! We need filibuster reform and passage of the voting rights acts!

The Senate must enact the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act NOW to stop attacks on our democracy and ensure that all Americans—no matter what they look like or where they live—can make their voices heard in our election. Fair elections ensure we all have an equal voice in the issues affecting our country. Take action by contacting Senators Toomey and Casey. Ask them to support action in the Senate—including reform of the filibuster—to pass this critical legislation.