Welcome to Third and State

Stephen Herzenberg |

Welcome to Third and State, a joint blog of the Keystone Research Center and Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.

Pennsylvania, like many other states, faces historic challenges — from ensuring that the economy brings broadly shared prosperity to working families, to addressing Pennsylvania’s budget challenges in a balanced way, to implementing provisions of the Affordable Care Act, to reducing poverty and strengthening Pennsylvania’s schools.

With this blog, we will present sharp and timely commentary to help you better understand Pennsylvania’s economy and how state budget and other policies impact the lives of people in this state. And we’ll bring it to you from our perch at Third and State — across the street from the State Capitol.

A common thread throughout this blog will be our belief that Pennsylvania’s best days are ahead of us. We envision a Pennsylvania where prosperity is broadly shared, where parents can see their kids off to school knowing they will be safe and get a good education, where businesses and industries want to locate because of our renowned universities, trained workforce, well-maintained infrastructure and good quality of life.

Our bloggers are economists and public policy experts who will write about the state budget, tax fairness, the economy, health care, income inequality, poverty, and much more. We encourage you to share your thoughts and comments too. Help us make this a conversation about how we can strengthen local communities across Pennsylvania through good economic and budget policies.

If you’ve found our blog and are unfamiliar with our work, learn more about us at our respective web sites (Keystone Research Center or Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center). You can also find Keystone on Facebook and Twitter, and the Budget and Policy Center on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope you enjoy this blog and join the conversation.

P.S. This blog takes the place of the Keystone Research Center’s Pennsylvania Policy Blog. You can still access past Pennsylvania Policy Blog posts at that site or link to it from our Blog Archive page.