Voters Like Gov. Wolf’s Budget Plan

Jan Jarrett |

The latest poll from Franklin and Marshall’s Center for Opinion Research shows that a solid majority of voters—58%—support Gov. Wolf’s budget plan to increase the sales and state income taxes and tax gas drilling to increase education funding, reduce property taxes, and plug the state’s structural deficit.

Voters’ top issue is increasing public education funding, while only 10 percent cite passing a state pension plan as a priority, and a paltry 2% think privatizing the state liquor store system is a high priority.

Voters say that what they like best about the governor’s budget is the tax on gas drilling. More education funding and property tax relief round out the top three reasons they like the plan.

The difference between voters’ top priorities and those of Republican leaders in the legislature—pension reform and liquor privatization—is striking. It will be interesting to see whose priorities prevail in budget negotiations.