The Update: What’s Happening in Harrisburg and DC – March 3, 2022



Broadband is a necessity of modern life. That’s why it is so critical that we invest in extremely under-resourced broadband infrastructure in the rural parts of the state. We highlighted this critical issue and the funding that would come from the bipartisan infrastructure package to help remedy the issue at a press event this week. Take a look below to learn more about what we’re doing to provide broadband to all Pennsylvanians.

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Broadband Access Investment in PA—What it Means for Businesses, Healthcare, Education, Jobs
The Keystone Research Center, the 99% PA campaign, ReImagine Appalachia, PA League of Women Voters, Representative Pam Snyder, and others hosted a press conference outlining the federal funding for broadband expansion that is coming to Pennsylvania through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as well as identifying opportunities for additional funding and jobs if our state and local governments actively embrace it and propose innovative plans to expand it. Remarks will focus on not only the state of PA but also what it means for the larger Appalachian region.
A recording of the press conference is available here.

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Budget and Policy Summit 2022

“Advancing Democracy for Pennsylvania’s Future” is the theme for our all-virtual 2022 Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Summit. In addition to focusing on public policies that make it possible for all of us to thrive, we’ll also be highlighting the need to defend the democratic principles that allow all of us to participate in choosing leaders who will implement the policies that benefit everyone.
We’ll still be delivering all of the things you count on from this annual event: PBPC’s thorough analysis of the governor’s budget proposal and an overview of the challenges & opportunities facing the commonwealth; state lawmakers sharing their legislative priorities and answering your questions; engaging workshops with policy experts and outstanding advocates; and inspiring speeches from leaders who share your commitment to advancing shared prosperity for all Pennsylvanians!
We’re excited to be using Zoom Events which handles all aspects of the event: registration, updates, live feed of sessions with access to recordings of any that you miss, a Q & A with presenters, access to handouts and other resources, feedback submission, surveys, and opportunities to interact and network with other attendees.

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Tell Your State Legislators to Support Brighter PA!

Many Pennsylvanians still need help recovering from the pandemic—and our state economy could be even stronger.
Families are still struggling with:
  • paying rents and mortgages.
  • affording child care.
  • getting the mental health care they need.
  • paying student debt.
And small businesses struggle to reopen and recover.

Governor Wolf and House and Senate Democrats have proposed Brighter PA, a plan to use $1.7 billion in American Rescue Plan funds to meet these needs. But the Republican-led General Assembly opposes it.


‘Broadband is like air and water and roads.’ So how will Pennsylvania spend $100M earmarked for its infrastructure?| March 3, 2022

“Instead of supporting equality of opportunity, Republicans believe that some of us are destined to work in McDonald’s while others are destined to become doctors. Some of us are destined to be a Walmart clerk or a pizza maker, while others are destined to be lawyers. Where we start, they think, determines where we end up.

It’s true that kids who grow up in poor communities or disordered homes have more trouble taking advantage of educational opportunities. But in America, we don’t give up on whole communities because some people in them have problems.”