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At a time when Pennsylvania’s leaders have to make a choice to invest in public schools and ensure a quality education for all children in our commonwealth, there is a solution: create a fair tax system that ensures all people are paying their fair share, which would give us the resources we need to make those investments in education.


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How Can a Fair Share Tax Support Public Investment in Pennsylvania?

Marc Stier and Diana Polson | 03/20/2023 | Reports and Papers
Pennsylvania has long suffered from a tax system that is both highly regressive, taking a larger share of income from low-income and moderate-income families than high-income families, and that does not raise sufficient revenue to meet the needs of Pennsylvanians. In the recent past, inadequate revenues have led to a structural budget deficit and will continue to do so in the near future. In turn, this has led to what we call a public investment deficit: a lack of funding for critical needs that undermines both opportunity and economic growth. Just one example of the public investment deficit in Pennsylvania is the recent decision by Commonwealth Court President Judge Jubelirer saying the state fails to meet its constitutional obligation to provide a “thorough and efficient” education to all K-12 school children. This paper puts forward the Fair Share Tax proposal, a major step toward fixing Pennsylvania’s broken state and local tax system.

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Bridging Divisions: Advancing Common Goals for the Commonwealth
We are excited to be back and better than ever for our first in-person Pennsylvania Budget Summit since 2019! Join us for an in-depth look at Governor Shapiro’s 2023-24 budget proposal and an examination of bold policy ideas to address the long-term challenges facing the people and economy of Pennsylvania. The Summit will also feature opportunities to hear from policy experts, elected officials, and leading advocates, as well as advocacy resources and strategies that change the narrative and direction of our state government.


Support Gov. Shapiro’s Effort to Raise the Wage PA’s minimum wage hasn’t been raised in 14 years and is still a dismal $7.25 and $2.83 for tipped workers. I just wrote a letter with @pawethepeople asking my legislator to raise the wage to $15 and to allow local governments to raise it higher. Join me in taking action and send one now!

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In the Media

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | 3/20/23

“Public school advocates fighting for increased state education funding believe Gov. Josh Shapiro’s proposed budget is a ‘step backwards.’”