STATEMENT: PBPC Supports Gov Wolf’s Veto of the HB 1300 Voting Bill

Marc Stier |

June 30, 2021

Contact: Kirstin Snow

Statement by Marc Stier, Director, Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center

Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center Wholeheartedly Supports the Governor’s Veto of HB 1300        

HB 1300 would make voting harder and more complicated. It would make the election process more confusing. It is a dishonest attempt to build on the mistrust of the 2020 election results that were sowed, in large part, by the very people who are putting this legislation forward. Many of the supporters of HB 1300 called on the United States Congress to overturn the decision of Pennsylvania voters in 2020, which was a blatant attack on our democracy.

There is a useful proposal in HB 1300 that would allow county officials to do a minimal amount of ballot pre-processing. It would have been even better, however, if it gave voters a meaningful opportunity to cure any issues with their ballots. We would support, and urge the governor to support, clean legislation that includes this proposal and some others that would improve election administration. But we thank Governor Wolf for recognizing that on balance HB 1300 would undermine our democracy and for his veto of this terrible legislation.





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