School Funding Should Be Harrisburg’s Top Fall Priority

Chris Lilienthal |

On Monday, parents, school board members, and citizens from across Pennsylvania came to Harrisburg to fight for more school funding and a fair distribution of those funds.

Today, a small group of anti-property tax activists converged on the Capitol steps and, if unchecked, threaten to derail our efforts.

State lawmakers are rushing a vote on bills this week that would worsen Pennsylvania’s school funding system. There is also a strong push in Harrisburg for legislation that would eliminate school property taxes without replacing all of the lost revenue and impose strict new education spending caps that would starve our schools.

Every day lawmakers spend talking about property taxes is a day they aren’t spending fixing our broken school funding system.

Lawmakers are getting a lot of pressure from anti-property tax groups and they need to hear from you. Read our statement on today’s anti-property tax rally. Then take a minute to call your lawmakers. Urge them to vote against property tax bills that threaten our children’s education and ask them to make school funding their top priority this fall.