RELEASE – ‘Power Couple’: Labor and Environment Come Together on EV Infrastructure Opportunities in PA


‘Power Couple’: Labor and Environment Come Together on EV Infrastructure Opportunities in PA

KRC/PBPC highlighted Biden’s announcement on >$25 million in electric vehicle funding for PA with Congresswoman Susan Wild; President of AFL-CIO; Conservation Groups

Allentown, PA — Today the Keystone Research Center, PA Budget and Policy Center, the 99% PA campaign, Congresswoman Susan Wild, PA AFL-CIO, Conservation Voters of PA, and others held a press conference outlining the federal funding, clean energy projects, and well-paying union jobs that are coming to Pennsylvania through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as well as identifying opportunities for additional funding and jobs if our state and local governments embrace electric vehicle infrastructure and propose innovative plans to expand it. The press conference was held at IBEW Local 375 Training Center, 101 S 7th St, Allentown, PA. Speakers elaborated on the Biden’s new announcement of over $25 million in EV infrastructure funds coming to Pennsylvania as part of the historic $5 billion bipartisan infrastructure law.

The unusual partnership of labor, business, and environmental groups came together to address EV infrastructure issues, including

  • Economic opportunities for Pennsylvania
  • Labor, business, and environmental organization partnership opportunities
  • Creation of well-paying union jobs
  • Positioning of PA to be competitive for further EV grants
  • Environmental benefits
  • Opportunities for job training
  • Cost savings/efficiency
  • Strengthening of supply chains
  • Personal and public transportation benefits

Quoted Speakers: a video of the event can be found HERE.

Congresswoman Susan Wild:  “I am delighted to announce that the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) will deliver $25,386,631 in electric vehicle (EV) funds to the great state of Pennsylvania. These investments will install EV charging stations along key roads and highways in Pennsylvania’s 7th District, creating good-paying jobs, supporting local manufacturers, and improving air quality for all residents of the Greater Lehigh Valley. This is a major victory, for our economy, for our workers and for the environment, and I am proud to bring this home to our community today.”

Jeff Garis, Federal Campaigns and Program Director, PBPC: “Yesterday’s announcement by the Biden administration that nearly $5 billion of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) will be made available to build out a national electric vehicle charging network is a ‘win-win-win’ for Pennsylvania, which is in the top five states in terms of funding through the program. It’s a win for workers, who will benefit from good-paying union jobs and technical training programs. It’s a win for our environment, as the conversion to clean energy will help us combat climate change and pollution. And it’s a win for our state’s economy, as this tremendous infusion of federal dollars will stimulate local economies and generate revenue to invest in the many other challenges facing Pennsylvania. Thank you to Congresswoman Susan Wild for delivering these wins by voting for the IIJA.”

Jennifer Quinn, Legislative and Political Director, Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter: “This funding for charging infrastructure is critical to accelerating the shift to electric vehicles that will enable us to slash emissions that both threaten the stability of our climate and the health of our communities, especially those most overburdened by traffic pollution,” said Jennifer Quinn, legislative and political director for the Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter. “Pennsylvania has an exciting opportunity to not only create high-paying union jobs in the installation of chargers, but also to build an entire manufacturing and supply chain industry that can grow the middle class while fighting climate change. This funding is just the beginning—we need statewide policies that will position us to be a leader in this rapidly growing industry.”

“The bipartisan infrastructure bill signed by President Biden contains critical investments in electric vehicles that will lower emissions, helping reduce climate pollution and ensure that our communities have clean air to breathe, particularly in low-income communities and with communities of color,” said Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania Interim Executive Director Molly Parzen.

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides a generational opportunity to leverage federal funds—along with state and local investments – to develop electric vehicle infrastructure that Pennsylvania sorely needs,” said Kathy Harris, Clean Vehicles Advocate for NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council).

“Electric vehicles are no longer a technology of the future, they’re already here, and EV infrastructure must catch up for Pennsylvanians to realize its benefits. Pennsylvania must do more to eliminate our dependence on gasoline and diesel, and address pollution in communities located next to highways and major roads that bear the brunt of tailpipe pollution.”

PA AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder: “It’s time for Pennsylvania to spearhead the future of work and transportation. As more people buy EVs, we need to have the critical infrastructure in place. Building these charging stations will take skilled labor, creating good, family-sustaining union jobs. This is a critical move for jobs not just in the building and construction trades but also a renewal of domestic manufacturing. As President Biden has called for America’s return to a manufacturing powerhouse, expansion of EV infrastructure will ensure that the road to the future is made in America.”