Pocket Money for a Business Lobbyist Is Real Money for Working Families

Mark Price |

On Wednesday, ABC27 did a story on proposals to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania which attributed the following to an anonymous Pennsylvania business lobbyist:

Pennsylvania business leaders and lobbyists argue the minimum wage increase would only benefit workers in entry-level positions or those earning pocket money.

This comment by an anonymous member of the business lobby is quite dismissive when the fact is the minimum wage increase is really meaningful to working people. Working full-time at the minimum wage, workers would bring home $15,080 a year, at $10.10 an hour $21,008 a year. On average, the workers affected by a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour take home about 41.7% of their families’ total incomes.

It’s important to keep these kinds of comments in mind because, on the record, members of the business lobby regularly express real concern for working people suggesting business opposition to a minimum wage increase isn’t about profits but what’s in the best interest of working people.