Need a data-driven break from the election? Let’s talk education funding…

Mark Price |

For the education data geeks out there (admit it, you’re probably one) here is data comparing new classroom funding (in budget geek speak that’s the basic education subsidy plus the ready to learn block grant) by school district as proposed under the bi-partisan budget framework versus the same funding under the final budget for 2015-16.

For those of you who have already blocked out the last four months of education policy back-and-forth, the bi-partisan budget framework proposed increasing classroom funding in 2015-16 by $377 million. What finally became law only boosted education funding by $202 million.

The excel file that you can download here gives you a table of funding amounts by school district. It also lets you build your own graph like the one below for your school district, and finally presents our graphical analysis of the changes in funding after breaking down school districts by poverty status (new funding by poverty / cuts remaining by poverty).

The resolution of the 2016-17 budget should be oodles of fun now go vote!