Morning Must Read: Better to Expand Medicaid

Chris Lilienthal |

In an editorial this morning, The Philadelphia Inquirer raises a number of good questions about Governor Corbett’s Medicaid proposal and makes the right call in saying an expansion of health care in Pennsylvania cannot wait:

The governor’s seemingly endless deliberation over the right course for the state in expanding health-care coverage will almost certainly result in a further delay of a year or more in covering the uninsured.

That means the state will lose out on $1.6 billion in federal Medicaid dollars due to flow in 2014, plus another $2.8 billion in related economic impact to the state economy, including 30,000 new jobs generated from a straight-line expansion of Medicaid’s rolls under Obamacare…

Three independent studies show the return on expanding coverage would more than cover the cost. Such analyses helped drive a solid state Senate vote favoring a traditional expansion of Medicaid. It’s not too late for Pennsylvania to take that assured course, even now.

Read the full editorial here.