Funds for Pennsylvania in the Senate Coronavirus Relief Act

Maisum Murtaza and Marc Stier |

Update April 1:

Two additional funding streams are not yet included in the table below.

1. The state should receive about $800 million in additional support for Medicaid / Medical Assistance through December, 2020.

2. The state will receive about $523 million  in funding for Education from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency School Relief Fund and $104 million from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund.

This brings the total funds that will be received by the  state to roughly $5.5 billion.

Updated March 30, 2020.

The Senate Coronavirus Relief bill contains many parts. It will direct federal funds to flow to state and municipal governments through numerous funding streams. The largest one is the $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund which will bring Pennsylvania $4.96 billion with about 21% going to county and municipal governments with a population of more than 500,000 and the rest going to the state.

Funds from this and other funding streams are listed in the document below. We should warn that the information provided is based on preliminary spreadsheets received from federal officials. The final bill may have some different amounts. And in some cases, we are not sure what share of the funds will go to local governments and what share will go to the state.

The bill will send Pennsylvania a bit more than $6.5 billion. While that sounds like—and is—a huge sum, it may be far less than is needed by both the state and local governments to provide the same level of services they do today. We will have an estimate soon about the impact of the COVID-19 recession on the revenues and expenditures of our state government.

Our preliminary overview of the Senate bill can be found here.


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