PA Budget Summit 2021, Workshop: ReImagine Appalachia: Towards a Climate Infrastructure Stimulus

ReImagine Appalachia: Towards a Climate Infrastructure Stimulus that Kick Starts a “New Deal That Works for US” in the Ohio River Valley states (PA, OH, WV, KY)
Reimagine Appalachia is a broad and inclusive coalition of individuals and organizations spanning the Ohio River Valley in north-central Appalachia—SW PA, SE OH, WV, and eastern KY. Reimagine Appalachia was born out of a broad recognition that the economy has not been working for most people and places in this region. It also emerged out of a recognition that aggressive federal investment in reducing carbon emission is coming soon, and our region needs to shape that legislation so that it is—and is seen to be—a boon for economic opportunity, not an environmental job killer. In this context, a diverse set of economic, environmental, labor, and community leaders came together to find common ground and build the future we want to see—a 21st-century economy that’s good for workers, communities, and the environment. The next few months could be ReImagine Appalachia’s “time”—a chance to shape an anticipated federal climate infrastructure stimulus that is more ambitious, more pro-worker and pro-union, more generous to our region, and that kick starts “a New Deal That Works for US.” Learn more about how you can become part of this unique opportunity to shape federal legislation and the future of our region. (Also, if you want to learn more in advance, RA is also that rare campaign where the website ( and the Facebook page (…) do a decent job of keeping you up on campaign events.
Panelists: Stephen Herzenberg, Amanda Woodrum
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