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Marc Stier: We Need a Budget for All Pennsylvanians

Marc Stier | 07/06/2022

Originally published at the TribLive.com on July 6, 2022.   The last few weeks of public debate in Harrisburg have been deeply revealing of the different approaches of the two

Make a PA Earned Income Tax Credit Part of the Budget

Marc Stier | 06/29/2022

To: Members and staff of the General Assembly, editorial board members, and political writers From: Marc Stier, Director and...

Who Runs Harrisburg? You or the Corporate Elite?

Nick Pressley and Marc Stier | 06/29/2022

Originally published in the Pennsylvania Capital-Star, June 29, 2022.  By Nick Pressley and Marc Stier  Every rumor we hear...

Pathway to the PA Promise of Affordable College & Good Paying Careers—With Federal Dollars

Stephen Herzenberg | 06/24/2022

As Pennsylvania state budget negotiations come to a close, our lawmakers could achieve a big win by adopting Governor...

Reply to the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce’s LTE about Corporate Taxes

Marc Stier | 06/20/2022

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce has responded to our recent op-ed about corporate taxes with a letter to the...

Keeping Property Taxes Lower in Philly Is the Right Idea

Marc Stier | 06/15/2022

Philadelphia is currently debating what to do with the additional revenues generated by the increase in property assessments. One...

KRC Research Update Shows BIG Earnings Gains From Higher NY Minimum Wage But No Employment Effects

Claire Kovach | 06/13/2022

In 2019, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released a study of minimum wage impacts along...

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