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The Ten Worst PA Legislative Initiatives of 2021

Marc Stier | 12/23/2021

The year coming to an end will go down as among the worst in the long history of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. At a time when so many Pennsylvanians are

An End-of-Year Gift for PA Construction Workers: Tens of 1,000s of Jobs from the Infrastructure Bill

Stephen Herzenberg and Jeff Garis | 12/23/2021

As 2021 ends, we are taking stock of what the federal government achieved this year. (See our list of...

The 2021 Top 10 List of Federal Policy Victories

Jeff Garis and Stephen Herzenberg | 12/22/2021

President Biden, operating with a razor-thin Democratic majority in the United States Congress, did not get everything he wanted...

For Your Holiday Gift to Working People, Encourage Your Local Starbucks Baristas to Unionize!

Stephen Herzenberg | 12/20/2021

Over the past few weeks, Starbucks workers in and around Buffalo, New York, have begun to unionize. As noted...

Fair Districts 2; Gerrymandering 0

Marc Stier | 12/16/2021

The Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission released new district maps for the Pennsylvania House and Senate today. As we predicted,...

Here’s our Wish List for the 12 Days of Build Back Better!

Levana Layendecker | 12/13/2021

President Biden’s Build Back Better plan is making its way through Congress now. The Build Back Better bill already...

Rep. Grove’s Congressional Maps Are Just More Gerrymandering

Marc Stier | 12/08/2021

Statement by Marc Stier on Representative Seth Grove’s proposed congressional district map.  The congressional district map proposed by Representative...

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