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The U.S. Mismanaged COVID and Has More Deaths and Higher Joblessness as a Result

Stephen Herzenberg | 11/01/2020

The U.S. and Pennsylvania have had extensive debate in recent months about whether policymakers should focus on reducing the spread of COVID-19 or instead reopen the economy quickly because this would reduce the economic impact of the pandemic. The...

Why The Republicans In Harrisburg Won’t Fight COVID-19

Marc Stier | 10/31/2020

COVID-19 cases are rising again across the country and in our state. Cases in Pennsylvania are averaging 1,552 per...

Kitchen Table Issues and the 2020 Presidential Election

Stephen Herzenberg | 10/30/2020

There has been a lot of discussion about character issues in this election. But kitchen table issues are likely...

Statement on the Death of Walter Wallace, Jr.

Marc Stier | 10/29/2020

The murder of Walter Wallace, Jr. is being called tragic. And it is. But when certain tragedies keep happening,...

The Choice Before Us: New Deal or Depression

Stephen Herzenberg | 10/29/2020

We have been told recently that the our presidential election choice is “boom or depression.” That seems on target,...

HB 2513 Threatens Not Just Our Health but the Economy

Marc Stier | 10/20/2020

Republicans in Harrisburg appear ready to move to override Governor Wolf’s veto of HB 2513, which would severely limit...

UPDATE: How Many Lives Have We Saved?

Marc Stier | 10/18/2020

While, for months, Republican legislators were insisting on a rapid reopening of businesses in Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf’s health and...

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