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Congressional Republicans Rally to Herbert Hooverism: Starve the Poor, Crush the Economy!

Stephen Herzenberg | 07/31/2020

News flash: extending enhanced federal unemployment benefits, due to expire today, won’t discourage workers from returning to their jobs,...

Including Immigrants in Pandemic Relief is Essential for America’s Public Health and Economic Recovery

Maisum Murtaza and Marc Stier | 07/21/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed numerous ways in which our political community is unfair to many people—and especially those...

Ineligible for Relief: #FundExcludedWorkers

Diana Polson and Maisum Murtaza | 07/16/2020

  We are living in a time where collective loss and heartache are everyday occurrences as people lose their...

How Many Lives Have We Saved?

Marc Stier | 06/29/2020

While Republican legislators have been insisting on an early reopening of businesses in Pennsylvania, we have seen one of...

Legal Brief by PA Budget and Policy Center and Keystone Research Center Supports Gov. Wolf in Stay-at-Home Order Court Case

Marc Stier | 06/29/2020

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center and Keystone Research Center submitted an amicus curia brief in Wolf v. Scarnatti,...

Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Economy- An Update

Stephen Herzenberg and Maisum Murtaza | 06/02/2020

This blog provides an update on the impact of the COVID Crash on the Pennsylvania economy. The “good news”...

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