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Pennsylvania’s Financial Outlook for 2022/23 Just Got Better… Again!

Diana Polson | 05/24/2022

Pennsylvania’s financial outlook for 2022/23 just got better… again! In April 2022, state revenues came in even higher than expected. In March 2022, total revenues were 8.5% higher than they

Economic Update: Pennsylvania Economy Maintains Forward Momentum

Maisum Murtaza and Stephen Herzenberg | 05/20/2022

Economic Update—PA Economy Maintains Forward Momentum With the release of state job numbers for April 2022, Keystone Research Center...

Use ARP Funds to Help With High Gas Prices

Marc Stier | 04/11/2022

Pennsylvania’s families and economy are currently dealing with rising prices that are the result of the supply chain issues...

Pennsylvania’s Financial Outlook Just Got Better Again—It’s Time to Help Pennsylvania Families

Diana Polson and Marc Stier | 04/08/2022

Pennsylvania’s financial outlook for 2022/23 just got better. In March 2022, state revenues came in higher than expected as...

The Big Lie Is the Problem, Not Nonprofit Funding of PA Elections

Marc Stier | 04/06/2022

Senate Bill 982, introduced by Senators Baker and Phillips-Hill, looks like an innocuous bill to ban “third-party funding” of...

Counties Need Money to Run Elections: The State Should Provide More Funds

Susan Gobreski | 03/31/2022

We need to work together to affirm our commitment to elections. Lawmakers should increase funding for elections at both...

Economic Update: PA Economic Health Approaches Pre-Pandemic Levels on the Back of Sustained Relief, but Actions to Make Jobs Worth Taking Are Still Crucial

Maisum Murtaza | 03/25/2022

Economic Update—PA Needs Action to Sustain Demand and Make Jobs Worth Taking to Achieve Economic Health Beyond Pre-Pandemic Levels...

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