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“Build Back Better” Bill Will Help Build and Secure the Middle Class

Diana Polson | 10/04/2021

Most people in America identify as middle class, even on the lower and higher ends of the income spectrum. One survey found that a third of individuals who have a

The Prospects for Progress in DC

Marc Stier | 10/01/2021

News stories from Washington, D.C., are beginning to remind us of a melodrama with one cliffhanger after another—and they...

The “Build Back Better” Bill Would Make our Tax System Fairer: A Look at the Impact on Pennsylvania

DIana Polson | 09/30/2021

The Build Back Better bill, which was recently approved by the House Ways and Means Committee, would make our...

HB 1800: A Partisan Attack on the Voters of PA

Marc Stier | 09/27/2021

Today, the House State Government Committee, chaired by Representative Seth Grove, will hold a hearing on HB 1800, a...

What a Path to Legalization for Undocumented Immigrants Means for Pennsylvania

Maisum Murtaza | 09/27/2021

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee conducted a markup for a legislative proposal that details a pathway to citizenship...

On the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee Hearing on the 2020 Election

Marc Stier | 09/09/2021

Rather than address the needs of Pennsylvania workers, small business owners, and families still suffering from the effect of...

Testimony to the House Democratic Policy Committee Hearing on Childcare in PA

Diana Polson | 08/17/2021

Written by Diana Polson and delivered by Katy Personette, Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center Thank you for the opportunity...

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