2023 State of Working Pennsylvania report

The Keystone Research Center released its annual “State of Working Pennsylvania” report, finding that the labor market remains tight, with fewer unemployed Pennsylvanians than job openings. Even while inflation was high, workers’ earnings kept pace. With inflation now back down near 3%, workers can look forward to real wage increases.

FACT CHECK: Despite a claim to the contrary, the Commonwealth Court’s decision said PA needs to provide additional resources to low-wealth school districts

Contrary to assertions by some members of the General Assembly, the Commonwealth Court decision in the school funding lawsuit clearly states that “money does matter.” The judge does not say money matters in the way it is spent. She clearly states how much money is what matters, making a comparison to the resources low-wealth districts have compared to what wealthier districts are able to spend. Read more from our Senior Policy Analyst Diana Polson.

Changes at Keystone Research Center

Effective June 1, 2023, Pennsylvania’s affiliate of the State Priorities Partnership, formerly housed within Keystone Research Center (KRC) as the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (PBPC), became an independent non-profit organization, Pennsylvania Policy Center.

Know the Issues

KRC and PBPC bridge the fragments of the progressive community — labor, faith-based organizations, advocates for and providers of human services, women’s groups, organizations of people of color, environmentalists, and others — seeking to create a unified vision and agenda around which all can rally.

That means we do research and analysis on a number of different issues. Here, you can learn about the issues we focus on, including:

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