The Keystone Research Center and Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center do policy research and  analysis, advocacy, and mobilization to promote  economic equality and help everyone thrive—white, Black and brown;  women and men; immigrants and native born. We work to expand democracy in order to raise wages, help workers form unions, invest in education at all levels, and ensure that everyone has access to quality affordable health care and housing. The Keystone Research Center (KRC) is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The ReImagine Appalachia Coalition, in partnership with Policy Matters Ohio and the Keystone Research Center, has released a report that highlights a path for Ohio and Pennsylvania to gain nearly half a million new jobs. The virtual press conference released findings from the Political Economy Research Institute’s (PERI) economic and job impact analysis of the ReImagine Appalachia blueprint in these two key swing states.


REPORT: Pennsylvania Distributes Emergency K-12 School Funding Backwards – The Fewest Dollars Go To School Districts With the Greatest Need

Given the nation’s heightened awareness in the year 2020 of inequality, especially racial injustice, the findings in this report are stunning. No matter what the intentions or logic behind the distribution of this funding, its impact is clear: schools with the highest density of poor, Black, and Hispanic students received less funding than those with the least density, reinforcing existing inequities.

It is important for lawmakers and the public to understand the results of such a substantial misallocation of these emergency funds. Should additional funds be forthcoming from the U.S. Congress, state lawmakers should not make the same mistake again. If there is discretion in allocating additional federal aid to school districts, Pennsylvania should distribute these funds the way legislators agreed made sense—on a bipartisan basis—when they adopted the BEF funding formula.

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KRC and PBPC bridge the fragments of the progressive community — labor; faith-based organizations; advocates for and providers of human service; women’s groups; organizations of people of color; environmentalists; and others — seeking to create a unified vision and agenda around which all can rally.

That means we do research and analysis on a number of different issues. Here you can learn about the many issues we focus on, including:

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