The 2021 Top 10 List of Federal Policy Victories

The 99% needs to recognize these victories and give credit to those who achieved them—so that we can maintain federal elected officials and a federal government that will deliver more victories, in partnership with working families, next year and beyond.

The Ten Worst PA Legislative Initiatives of 2021

At a time when so many Pennsylvanians are struggling to keep body and soul together against the continuing threat of COVID-19 and the economic difficulties created by the pandemic, the Republican-dominated General Assembly has embarrassed itself and our state.

Know the Issues

KRC and PBPC bridge the fragments of the progressive community — labor, faith-based organizations, advocates for and providers of human services, women’s groups, organizations of people of color, environmentalists, and others — seeking to create a unified vision and agenda around which all can rally.

That means we do research and analysis on a number of different issues. Here you can learn about the many issues we focus on, including:

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