The Keystone Research Center (KRC) is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit research organization, created in 1996 to promote a more prosperous and equitable Pennsylvania. Since then, it has become the leading source of independent economic analysis The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (PBPC), a project of KRC, provides independent and credible research on state budget and tax issues and related policy matters with a focus on creating broadly shared prosperity in the state.

The ReImagine Appalachia Coalition, in partnership with Policy Matters Ohio and the Keystone Research Center, has released a report that highlights a path for Ohio and Pennsylvania to gain nearly half a million new jobs. The virtual press conference released findings from the Political Economy Research Institute’s (PERI) economic and job impact analysis of the ReImagine Appalachia blueprint in these two key swing states.


The We The People Campaign

We The People is a proactive issue advocacy campaign that aims to change the narrative about politics in Pennsylvania from one that focuses on cutting taxes for the rich and on spending for everyone else to one that puts people first. Keystone Research Center and the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center have drawn on our strengths in research, communications, advocacy, and organizing to plan, launch, and advance this campaign to make politics in Pennsylvania center on creating broadly shared prosperity.


The We The People campaign and agenda embrace six principles: (1) raising wages and improving working conditions; (2) adequately and equitably funding public schools from pre-K to college and worker training; (3) protecting our rights to the necessities of life including health care, food, and housing; (4) investing in our infrastructure and protecting our environment; (5) fixing our rigged tax system so that the rich and corporations pay their fair share; and (6) safeguarding our democracy.

Know the Issues

KRC and PBPC bridge the fragments of the progressive community — labor; faith-based organizations; advocates for and providers of human service; women’s groups; organizations of people of color; environmentalists; and others — seeking to create a unified vision and agenda around which all can rally.

That means we do research and analysis on a number of different issues. Here you can learn about the many issues we focus on, including:

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