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The intense negotiations happening in Congress right now will determine if we end up with a weak and watered-down version of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda or one that truly invests in the needs facing us now and requires the rich and corporations to help pay for those investments by paying their fair share of taxes.

If your member of Congress is a Democrat, he or she is poised to support Build Back Better. Use THIS LINK to thank them!

If your member of Congress is a Republican, he or she is poised to oppose Build Back Better. Use THIS LINK to tell them that Pennsylvanians need them to support it.

If you are not sure who your member of Congress is, you can find out HERE.


Minimum Wage Fact Sheets

View fact sheets to learn how many people would benefit from a minimum wage increase and who they are in each PA House and Senate district.

Analysis:  Pennsylvania Governor’s Budget 2021-22

Focusing on k-12 education funding, Governor Wolf’s proposed 2021-2022 Executive Budget is a bold plan to address not only the problems facing Pennsylvania’s students, workers, and businesses as a result of the pandemic, but also the economic and racial inequities that have plagued our state for decades.

Go to our PA state budget hub to look at PBPC’s in-depth first take on what the budget could mean for our Commonwealth.

Know the Issues

KRC and PBPC bridge the fragments of the progressive community — labor, faith-based organizations, advocates for and providers of human services, women’s groups, organizations of people of color, environmentalists, and others — seeking to create a unified vision and agenda around which all can rally.

That means we do research and analysis on a number of different issues. Here you can learn about the many issues we focus on, including:

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